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Over the years, Nintendo has released limited edition versions of consoles that have become really rare and highly sought after by video game collectors and enthusiasts around the globe. The rarest video game consoles prove challenging to find, and they often fetch hundreds or even thousands upon thousands of dollars on auction sites like eBay. 

In this post, we’ll go through some of Nintendo's rarest console releases ever created. Have you ever asked yourself the questions, “how much is a super Nintendo worth?” or “how much is an original Nintendo worth?”

The short answer: it depends. For example, old systems with a limited production run tend to cost more than newer models. Besides being part of a limited run, some consoles are rare because they featured a much-loved game or came in a rare color scheme.

Owners of some of these rare consoles have never put them up for sale, making them literally priceless. Keep reading to find out more about the rarest Nintendo console.

MTV’s Limited Edition GameCube Consoles

In the early 2000s, Nintendo teamed up with MTV for multiple events promoting the company’s GameCube’s release. This partnership resulted in a limited run of 29 MTV-branded GameCube consoles. MTV gave away one custom console each day of December 2003, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

These rare GameCube consoles featured five impressive designs, from the popular camouflage console to one created by designer Tom Ford. Unfortunately, none of the 29 lucky winners have ever put one up for sale, making this version of the Nintendo console virtually priceless.

The Nintendo Play Station

Often described as a Super NES with a CD-ROM drive, the Nintendo PlayStation was the product of a failed partnership between Sony and Nintendo in 1991. Many consider the SNES CD, as it was officially known, probably the rarest Nintendo console because only one exists.

Pets.com and Toys.com founder Greg McLemore bought the only prototype at $360,000 at an auction in 2020. After the relationship between Sony and Nintendo soured, Sony went on to release its first PlayStation in 1994.

Game Boy Micro Mother 3 Console

Named after the popular Mother 3 game, they released this extremely rare version of the Game Boy Micro only in Japan. Despite the limited regional release, the game gained popularity with hardcore Nintendo fans.

The Game Boy Micro Mother 3 original Nintendo for sale in new condition goes for about $2,000, while a used one should be in the neighborhood of $800.

Nintendo Wii Supreme

With the various versions of the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii u. The Nintendo Wii Supreme is arguably the most expensive console in the world. According to the creator, Stuart Hughes, six months of precise workmanship goes into creating this masterpiece that boasts over 2500 grams of solid 22-carat gold. 

The front buttons boast 78 0.25-carat diamonds totaling 19.5 carats. With a limited production of only three units, this console comes with a hefty price tag of about $360,000.

Nintendo DS Animal Crossing Wild World

Wild World was a popular and immersive Nintendo DS game that spawned a couple of toys and limited-edition consoles. However, the Wild World Nintendo DS console undoubtedly remains one of the rarest Nintendo consoles ever.

The consoles had a limited release in Sweden as giveaways as a contest prize. Versions of this console featured special art on the front that depicted the different seasons in the game.

Game Boy Advance SP Pokémon Center Charizard

Nintendo released this rare gem at Pokémon centers in Japan in celebration of Pokémon FireRed’s release. Getting your hands on a brand-new one can set you back about $1,000 or more, while a second-hand model may cost slightly less.

Nintendo 64 Watermelon Red

The Nintendo 64 classic console returns you to the roots of gaming glory. Many gamers have warm memories of the Nintendo 64, making it a popular collector’s item. First released in 1996, the N64 came in various cool limited edition variants.

Of all the available colors, the Watermelon Red color scheme stands out as the rarest and most collectible limited edition console. Getting your hands on a Watermelon Red rare N64 console should set you back around $260. However, you may find one for cheaper or even bundled up with a couple of nintendo games.

Hyundai Comboy

Despite the Nintendo 64’s global popularity, an import band from Japan nearly prevented the N64 from releasing into South Korea. To circumvent the issue, Hyundai distributed the console instead of Nintendo. This move required a name change that resulted in the system’s bizarre moniker.

Japan lifted the ban shortly after the Comboy’s production began, which resulted in an official N64 release in South Korea. The short production run explains the Hyundai Comboy’s rarity and rise to collectible status.

In your search for the rarest Nintendo consoles, expect to part with around $999 for a complete Hyundai Comboy.

Pocket Pikachu Color

Though technically not a console, the Pocket Pikachu Color is still a rare Nintendo item that has won the hearts of many console collectors. Nintendo released the device’s first iteration in the late 1990s, called the Pokémon Pikachu.

Not long after, Nintendo released the Pokémon Pikachu Color, nearly identical to the original but with full color, new functions, and new animations of Pikachu. Essentially, the Pokémon Color is like a pet toy you walk around with to earn watt points and make Pikachu happy.

The unit features a pedometer sensor that detects movement when you make a step or shake it up and down. An infrared emitter/sensor at the top allows Pocket Pikachu Color owners to trade watt points and presents between their units.

Panasonic Q

The Panasonic Q is a special hybrid of Nintendo’s GameCube and a DVD player. Nintendo released the Panasonic Q following criticism of the GameCube’s inability to play DVDs, a feature that competitors, the Xbox and the PlayStation 2, had at the time.

The console was only officially released in Japan and discontinued shortly after its release. The unit’s multimedia playback capabilities and features, like an optical sound output, backlit information LCD, a separate subwoofer jack, and a stainless-steel chassis, have made the Panasonic Q a popular collectible item.

A brand-new Panasonic Q can go for around $1,800, while a used one that works costs around $700.

Pokemon Stadium N64 Battle Set

The Pokemon Stadium N64 Battle Set features a custom color decorated with specific patterns and figurines in the shape of the famed Pokemon. With a price tag of about $2,000, you may get your hands on the complete set with extras like a Trainer’s Journal.

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