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The history of gaming consoles remains a unique and competitive one. With its technology continuously advancing, the best and most expensive console from one year can quickly decline in value the next year or with the release of a new console. 

While today's most expensive gaming console generally costs around $500, many consoles released in the past would surpass that number by hundreds of dollars when adjusted for inflation. In this post, we examine the most expensive consoles due to their rarity and how much older generation consoles would cost in today's market. 

PS5 and Xbox Series

The PS5 and Xbox Series represent part of the new generation of gaming consoles. They both provide 120 frames per second and offer 8K gameplay resolution. With their impressive technology, the PS5 and Xbox Series will cost you about $500 when adjusted for inflation. 


Sony's original Playstation ranks as the third best-selling console ever sold. Playstation introduced various games that would go on and become famous in their own right. The PS1 launched original games such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy 7.  

When initially placed on the market in 1994, the price of the PS1 console cost about $299. In today's world, the debut PlayStation would cost you about $510. 

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The Xbox One

In 2013, Microsoft released the Xbox One, selling it for about $499. However, the new console was no comparison to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 4, mainly due to its expensive price tag. The hefty price caused it not to sell as well, precisely because Xbox opted to include the Kinect with each console. 

However, once Microsoft lowered the price, the Xbox One went on to sell over 50 million consoles. Considering the rise of inflation, the Xbox One would cost about $555. 


In 2006, Sony launched Playstation 3. With the release of PS3 came popular games such as Last of Us, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3

The generic console would cost you about $499. However, if you opted for the best edition, the price reached almost $600, making it one of the most expensive gaming consoles. Because of its price, the PS3 was not available to the average person.  

Sony quickly realized its error and promptly lowered the cost. It went on to sell about 900 million consoles. With inflation, the price of the PS3 with no extras would cost about $640 today. 

Sega Saturn 

The Sega Saturn console, released in 1995, was expected to outperform its predecessor, the Sega Genesis. However, it did not sell as many consoles as anticipated. The low sales were primarily due to its price, and it had to compete with Playstation. 

The competition with Playstation was a result of its compatibility with more games. Although, the Sega Saturn came with games such as Nights into Dreams and Virtua Fighter 2

When originally released, the Sega Saturn cost about $399, while today, with inflation, it would cost around $680. 

Atari 5200

The most expensive game system in 1982 was the Atari 5200. The Atari 5200 was one of the most advanced consoles on the market, but with that technology came a high price. 

Featuring four controller ports and a joystick, it allowed users to play arcade games, such as Pac-Man, in their homes. However, its price and its competition against Colecovision meant it did not sell as well as anticipated. Although, it eventually would go on to sell about one million consoles. 

In 1982 the Atari 5200 cost around $269. When adjusted, it translates to around $720 today.  

Atari 2600 

In 1997, Atari launched the Atari 2600, quickly becoming one of the best consoles the company had ever released. Its popularity stemmed from its release of remastered versions of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Space Invaders

However, the Atari 2600 began to develop lesser-quality games, leading to its decline in popularity. Because of its mediocre games, individuals quickly lost interest in the console, leading to poor sales. As a result, the Atari 2600 would soon become one of the worst gaming consoles. 

In 1997, an Atari 2600 cost around $199. Adjusting the price for inflation, today, the console would cost you about $850. 

Hyundai Comboy

The Hyundai Comboy, or the Nintendo 64, was released in Korea in the 1990s. However, Nintendo did not release many consoles due to international tensions between Japan and Korea, making the Hyundai Comboy very rare. 

Due to the limited quality of the Hyundai Comboy, video game enthusiasts might have a hard time snagging this console. However, if found, the console can cost up to $1,000. 


In 1979, Mattel released Intellivision. The Intellivision was considered one of the most elite consoles of its time and sold over 3 million consoles throughout the early '80s. It only had one main competitor, which came from Atari. 

Intellivision established classic games such as: 

  • Astro Smash 

  • Burger Time

  • Donkey Kong 

In 1979, Intellivision would cost you about $200. However, if sold today, the price would be around $1,075, making it one of the most expensive video game consoles. 


In 1993, Time Magazine named 3DO product of the year for making extreme advancements in video game technology. However, this title soon fell flat with the release of Playstation and Sega consoles in 1994. 

3DO had the original Need for Speed, one of its most popular games. Unfortunately, in 1993, the 3D0 was one of the most expensive game consoles, with a price tag of $699. By today's standards, the 3DO would cost you around $1,260. 


In 1990, NeoGeo, a Japanese gaming console, was released and quickly became one of the market's most advanced and most expensive gaming consoles. Its arcade-quality games made it the envy of all gamers. 

However, because of how expensive the console was, it was not feasible for the average individual to purchase. In 1990, NeoGeo sold for around $650, which, when adjusted for inflation, would cost you roughly $1,299 today. 

Game Boy Micro Mother 3 Console 

The Game Boy Micro Mother 3 console may be the most expensive gaming system because of how rare it is. In 2006, Nintendo released a special edition Game Boy Micro Mother 3 console. But unfortunately, the Mother 3 console was only sold in Japan, making it extremely hard to find. 

Used Mother 3 consoles sell for around $800, while an unopened console can sell for $2,000 or more, arguably making it the most expensive console in the world. 

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I hope your Atari release date is a typo. Atari released the 2600 in 1977



Interesting enough article, but there are several mistakes:
- The PS3 did not sell 900 million units. Imagine what the world today would look like if it did!
- The Atari 2600 did not release in 1997. It would have been considered… ‘outdated’ at the time of release if it did.
- The Hyundai Comboy was not the Korean N64, or rather it was not just that. Hyundai Comboy was Hyundai’s brand name for all Korean Nintendo console hardware at the time, including but not limited to the N64.

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