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How much is an original NES worth?

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is one of the most iconic video game systems ever made. Nintendo released the first game in Japan in 1985 and sold over 60 million units worldwide before discontinuing it in 1995.

It was the first console to use ROM cartridges, which meant you could play games without repurchasing them each time you wanted to play something new.

Most retro consoles like the original NES are much sought-after. Your old Nintendo could be worth a lot of money. As such, it pays to know the original NES value to protect what you have.

Value of Original Nintendo Consoles

Nintendo released the first edition of its console, the Color TV Game, in 1977, but released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), priced at $149.99, in 1985.

It quickly became a massive hit with gamers. The popularity of this gaming system has remained strong over the years, and since then, the company has consistently released new versions.

Even though gaming fans now have many different types of consoles to choose from, most gamers prefer the original NES because they remember the joy they felt while playing it as children.

How much is a Nintendo worth today? You may not think your old console has any value today because it does not look like the new ones today.

However, collectors will pay top dollar for old games and consoles that contain rare items, such as special editions or limited editions with only a few copies available worldwide at certain times during production runs.

It still pays to know your original Nintendo consoles value if you decide not to sell your old console. Once you do, make sure you safely store it.


How Much Is the First Nintendo Worth Now?

If you have an original that still works, you may wonder, “How much is an original Nintendo worth?”

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has become a cult classic. NES consoles sell for around $74. Used systems can range anywhere from $30 to $200, depending on the condition of the unit.

A working system of the original NES console with noticeable cosmetic damage will sell at around $20, while complete-in-box models go for upwards of $200. A sealed unit, however, recently sold for over $2,000! So keep your sealed units well protected.

If you have an original NES console in good condition, there’s no reason not to sell it—especially since they’re guaranteed to turn heads at any gaming party or event!

How Much Is Nintendo’s Original Console Famicom Worth Today?

The Famicom is a must-have if you want to own a Nintendo console with some history. This was Nintendo’s first home console, released in Japan in 1983. It’s also known as the Nintendo Family Computer (or abbreviated as FMC).

The name has become a synonym for retro gaming fans, who use it to refer to any consoles Nintendo released between 1983 and 1990, including the NES, SNES, and N64.

You can pick one up for around $42 new or pay about $399 for a sealed copy with everything included.

The Famicom wasn’t just a game system—it also played music and video cassettes. It was the first device to do so, which makes it an extremely rare find today!

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What About the Top-Loading NES-101?

How much is a Nintendo NES-101 worth? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.

If you plan to buy it to play games, you might be able to find the top-loading NES-101 for as little as $80. However, if you prefer one in mint condition, be prepared to shell out up to $300.

There’s such a big difference between the prices of these consoles because some people only have an interest in them as collectors’ items or as decor in their homes.

Nintendo released the NES-101 in 2001 and discontinued it in 2003 after the company released its newer version, the Nintendo GameCube (which retailed at roughly the same price point).

If you’re willing to go through the trouble of finding an older model at a garage sale or thrift store, you could save some serious cash!

The best place to start your search is online—especially on eBay and Amazon Marketplace—where many sellers willingly accept bids on their items until someone wins them at their listed price.

How Much Is a Nintendo Worth Now?

So far, we stayed focused on the question, “How much is an original Nintendo worth?” But if you want to purchase a Nintendo console, how much is an NES worth now?

The Nintendo Switch OLED, the newest console release from Nintendo, costs $349. It’s more expensive than the Xbox Series S and the original Switch, which cost $299.

So, if you want to buy a new console for yourself or your kids, you might consider purchasing an older model instead. Why?

Well, the older models are still in demand and can sell for a higher price than their original retail value.

For example, if you bought an NES Classic Edition in 2016 when it first came out, it would cost you $99. Now, eBay is selling them for as high as $500! That’s almost double what it originally retailed for!

Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition to celebrate 30 years of Nintendo games history. It included 30 games from that era, including Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and many more.

So how do we know if an old Nintendo console is worth anything? Two main factors determine how much a piece of technology is worth—rarity and demand. It behooves you to balance both to get maximum value for your asset.

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Gaming enthusiasts have repeatedly asked, “How much is an original Nintendo worth?” We sincerely hope that with this article, we have adequately answered this question for you.

If you have any further questions about the value of your original Nintendo game system, please don’t hesitate to ask our team at Fair Game Retro! We’d be happy to give you all the information you need before you make a purchase.




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How much is original Nintendo still in the box… factory wrapped – box in excellent condition?

Eldon Lane

Eldon Lane

I would like to know what the game cartridges are worth I have a Ninja turtles 2 the arcade game they came out in 85 and I have a culture brain Nintendo that also came out in 85 Kung Fu heroes or heroes please give me a resend me a idea of how much they’re worth thank you



Yes you can go to and check how much games are worth

Rae le Fey

Rae le Fey

Hi I was just wondering if original NES game cartridges are worth anything whether they actually still work or not. Do ppl just collect them as old video game paraphernalia or anything? I’d like a way to find out their worth. Thanks.

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