Some of the authors featured on our blog include:


Garrett Garcia is a content writer with over four years of experience with freelance writing and one year of gaming content. He writes on a variety of topics, but is most passionate about video games. He loves to stay up-to-date on the most recent games, and currently plays on his Nintendo Switch and gaming laptop.

He still loves to spend time playing older games, owning a variety of consoles, including the Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, and PlayStation One. He loves to write and share his thoughts with others. Having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English, he recognizes the value of writing and wants to contribute to the world through his talents.

Tyler G has been playing video games as long as he can remember, with some of his earliest memories being playing Dr Mario on the NES, getting Pokemon Blue and a Gameboy Color before he could read, and his older brother helping him learn to read by reading off the text to Final Fantasy games as they played it- leading to a life long passion for RPGs, and especially adores tactical/strategy RPGs and eagerly awaits those Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Final Fantasy Tactics remakes. Any day now...

When he isn't nose deep in the ever growing stack of video games or playing tabletop games, he's probably nose deep on an ever growing stack of fantasy novels and comics/manga, trying to write his own fiction, or most likely shouting about how everyone watch more old anime and wuxia movies.

He also knows the name of every Pomeranian in the world.

Dana Rudnitsky is a nerd before anything else.  During the day, she plays pretend at being a digital marketer and a content writer, and she writes fiction by night.  As far back as Pokemon Red, she has only ever chosen the Fire-type starter.

Her biggest fear is the tangle of cords from all of the consoles around of her television.