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Chrono Trigger best jrpg video game

In my opinion Chrono Trigger is the best JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) of all time. It’s not often that when you play a video game it moves you in a way that is hard to describe. Squaresoft, the company’s publisher, was working on two JPRG games at the same time that would become the new standard of music, gameplay and story lines; these two titles were Earth Bound and Chrono Tigger.

Personally, I didn’t get a chance to play Chrono Trigger when it came out. It wasn’t that I wasn’t super excited for it. At the time a young boy wanted something more colorful and that year under the Christmas tree was the much-anticipated Mario title, Yoshi’s Island. Maybe for 10-year-old me this was a
better choice as I have many fond memories with my Dad of the iconic levels like “touch fuzzy get dizzy”.

The first time I was lucky enough to experience what Chrono Trigger had to offer I was in college. I had a Nintendo DS and the time and was looking for a good value game that I would be able to play between classes, being broke I didn’t want to buy several games. I remember reading Nintendo powers “Top 100
Game of All Time” and it was describing this amazing gem that was going to be re-released on the DS. As it was originally a SNES title I found this intriguing. Often Nintendo has re-sold me a game on a newer console that literally was just the same as I had owned in the past. Since I have never played it and I
wanted something portable, I went to my local KB toys and bought Chrono Trigger. I’ll have to say I wasn’t impressed with the box art and frankly I was over this style of game.

Wow, was I wrong!

From the initial cut scene and the epic soundtrack, I was hooked. The game just kept begging me to play it. I would find time in class, between classes, and in the evenings with my head stuck in my DS like a great novel. The more I played the more I became invested in the characters. By far my favorite character in the game is “Frog”, his loyalty is unrelenting and commitment for doing the honorable thing moved me. As the story progressed, I grew more and more fond of the other characters as well.

For those of you who haven’t played the Chrono trigger yet. You are in for a special treat as this is offered on several systems. You can play it originally on the SNES and you can find that link here:

Chrono Trigger SNES

You can experience it on a personal console like the Nintendo DS or 3DS like I did

Chrono Trigger DS

Or you can choose to buy it as a bundle alongside the Squaresoft’s hit Final fantasy 4 and enjoy the title

on PS1,PS2 and some backwards compatible PS3’s

PS1 Chrono Trigger bundle

Once you experience Chrono Trigger you will never look at story telling in a video game the same.


- Submitted by Eddie C.

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