Hidden Tracks Vol. 2: Waterworld (SNES)

From Mario to Zelda, to Final Fantasy and Undertale, there’s no doubt that music plays a huge role in the video games that we all know and love. But what about the music from lesser known video games? What about the jamming tunes and fire tracks that may have gone under the radar of most gamers? Join us, Fair Gamers, as we dig through the crates and uncover some amazing games and music you might have missed… This is Hidden Tracks!

Hidden Tracks Vol. 2: Waterworld (SNES)

Game: Waterworld
Release Year: 1995 (Europe Only)
System: Super Nintendo/SNES
Publisher: Ocean
Developer: DMA Design (now Rockstar North)
Composer(s): Dean Evans

Selected Tracks: Map, Atoll, The Depths

Alright, we know what you’re thinking… “Waterworld? Like that awful Kevin Costner movie? You’re kidding, right?” We know, we know… But bear with us for a second: underneath this obscure movie tie-in for the SNES lies an amazing, atmospheric soundtrack that, sadly, never got the recognition it deserved.

In 1995, DMA Design - now Rockstar North Limited - developed the Super Nintendo version of Waterworld, based on the movie of the same name. It was exclusively released in Europe and the PAL territories, while the Virtual Boy version of the game was exclusively released in America. Just like the movie, however, Waterworld (and all other versions of the game) was panned by critics and is considered to be one of the worst games for the Super Nintendo. While the game is widely considered not great, the soundtrack for the Super Nintendo version highlights the work of composer Dean Evans.

Dean Evans is a British composer and sound designer, who worked at Ocean from 1991 to 2000. His other works include other movie tie-in games - perhaps most notably is Jurassic Park 2 for the SNES. Evans’s work on Waterworld, however, has garnered attention for being the best part of the game. Evans’s soundtrack includes the super-chill, atmospheric track for the overworld Map screen, while mission themes like Atoll and The Depths are dark, brooding tracks that wouldn’t be out of place on a game like Goldeneye 007.

Dean Evans has a Youtube channel where he posts all of his video game work, including all of the tracks he composed for Waterworld - check out the soundtrack here!

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