Enjoy the Holidays With Animal Crossing Snow

With winter approaching, you may wonder what games you can play to enjoy the new year and snowy weather. It may seem challenging with some games coming out, but there's one you can always turn to if you want to enjoy the holidays and snow: Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The latest entry in the series allows you to create the player's town on the islands, allowing players to visit other islands and enjoy the area. Since the game follows a real-world clock, you can count on the weather matching the season.

As the winter season approaches, you should look into Animal Crossing, turn a new leaf, and see the snow and snowflakes.

The Snow Season in Animal Crossing

With winter approaching in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can expect multiple fun events and experiences. The season lasts about three months, and you can expect it to snow during those months, so you'll enjoy the winter snow despite being on an island.

Snow will start falling and eventually cover the ground, allowing you to join in on activities you typically wouldn't experience. For instance, you can collect Large Snowflakes while interacting with the city folk. The game even allows you to make snowmen, offering its own benefits while enjoying the snow.

As a nice bonus, you can get DIY recipes from the snowmen, so you'll want to get involved and play the game every day to make the most of your time in the snow. Try to get as many DIY recipes as possible to add to your collection for future use.

You'll encounter other season-exclusive content, and the creators update the game regularly, so seeing the snow is crucial. Ensure you go to the island often and experience new horizons as you find snow and new opportunities.

Differentiating The Northern And Southern Hemispheres

While you get different seasons in Animal Crossing, it depends on which Hemisphere you live in. The snow season occurs from November 26 to February 24 in the Northern Hemisphere and May 26 to August 24 in the Southern Hemisphere.

With that in mind, if you want to see snow in the game on December 10, you can expect it to occur if you're in the Northern half, so double-check that information if you don't see snow when you think you should.

The seasons aren't the only parts that vary but also the events that occur. You'll also come across events at different times based on where you are, so keep that in mind while you enjoy winter on your island.

The Snowy Season Events in Animal Crossing

As late November approaches in New Horizons, you'll want to pay attention to the upcoming events. Because the events are consistent throughout the year, you can expect them to happen at different moments. On top of that, events will vary depending on your Hemisphere, so keep that in mind.

The Winter Season will change between games. For instance, if you play Animal Crossing Wild World, you can expect different things to happen from the current installment. To keep it simple, you can pay attention to the events and calendar, seeing what you can expect during these months.

With that in mind, the calendar events will be consistent so that you can enjoy them during those dates. You should also remember that the developers may add more winter events with updates, so pay attention to your island and the large snowflakes.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Events in the Northern Hemisphere

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you'll have the following events occur during the winter season.

  • Turkey Day can occur during the winter, but it won't happen every time since it's the fourth Thursday of November.

  • Toy Day occurs on December 24.

  • You have a Countdown for the New Year on December 31.

  • January 1 is New Year's Day.

  • Enjoy the Fishing Tourney during January's second Saturday.

  • Setsubun happens between February 1 and 3.

  • Valentine's Day is on February 14.

  • Festivale occurs during Mardi Gras.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Events in the Southern Hemisphere

You can also enjoy events if you live in the southern half of the world since winter varies for players on an island in this zone.

  • International Museum Day occurs between May 18 and 31.

  • June is the Wedding season.

  • A Fishing Tourney occurs on the second Saturday in July.

  • A Fireworks Show happens every Sunday in August.

You also have the Bug-Off during the summertime, so you have something to enjoy when there's no snow on your island.

With that in mind, you can count on having fun as players every season in Animal Crossing New Horizons, especially if they purchase a Tom Nook Wired Controller to play Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Check Out The Nook Shopping Seasonal Event

As you enjoy this magical time of year in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can check the Nook Shopping Seasonal Events as you seek out snowflakes and enjoy the winter mid-season.

If you need help accessing it, go to Nook Shopping through Resident Services. You can enjoy seasonal events in any Hemisphere so that you won't be restricted. The only exception is the Winter and Summer Solstice, so keep that in mind as you look out for snows and snowflakes.

With that in mind, players in the northern half of the world can enjoy snow and events from November through February, while players in the southern half get the snow and events from May to August.

The northern winter will experience the following events as players enjoy the snow:

  • Winter's Solstice from December 15 to 22.

  • Omisoka, Silvester, Nochevieja, and New Year's Eve are from December 22 to the end of the year.

  • Shogatsu and New Year's Day from December 22 to January 5.

  • Nanakusa Gayu from January 5 to 7.

  • Big Game Celebration from January 15 to February 15.

  • Setsubun from January 25 to February 3.

  • Groundhog Day from January 25 to February 2.

  • Valentine's Day is from February 1 to 14.

  • Hinamatsuri from February 22 to March 3.

As for the southern winter season, you can enjoy these Nook Shopping events in the snow:

  • Mother's Day during May.

  • International Children's Day from June 1 to 15.

  • Father's Day and Wedding Season during June.

  • Winter Solstice from June 15 to 21.

  • Tanabata from July 1 to 7.

  • Le 14 Juillet from July 10 to 20.

  • Cowboy Festival from July 15 to August 15.

  • Obon from August 10 to 16.

  • Tomato Festival from August 20 to 31.

Remember that events can change and have their dates vary, so you'll want to remember that as the snowflakes fall. Pay attention to updates during Animal Crossing New Horizons so you'll know what to expect whenever the snow falls.

Why People Should Purchase Animal Crossing New Horizons

While you have these winter seasonal events you can enjoy while you play in the snow, you may question what reasons you should buy the game. After all, you may wonder what you can do while you play this game if you find yourself mid-holiday.

Even when you aren't enjoying the snow and collecting snowflakes, you can spend time at the beach and work on your house. You can keep making money, get new decorations, and improve your home however you see fit. Because of that, and wanting to collect everything, you'll never run out of things to do while you play New Horizons.

New Horizons players can also play online with friends and in person, allowing them to join the snow events and receive help. You all share an island on the same Switch in New Horizons, so you can have plenty of fun and count on other players to enjoy the snow.

As another point, if you own the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion, you'll gain access to the DLC for free. That'll not only save you money, but you'll have something to do when the snow and snowflakes go away.

Play Animal Crossing New Horizons Today

Now that you know about the wild world and can enjoy the fun in late November, you should see what Animal Crossing New Horizons offers. You can enjoy this magical time of year, visit the city folk, and even collect large snowflakes.

As you get a feel for everything and play the game during winter, you'll get to enjoy what it offers and can count on unlocking new items and aspects. Because of that, players should dive into the game now and prepare for the upcoming winter.

If you fall in love with Animal Crossing New Horizons and want to enjoy more of what the islands offer, look at Fair Game Retro Video Games and visit the store sometime. You can buy other Animal Crossing games and secure plushies, some involving New Leaf, City Folk, and other games, so call us today.

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